Who we are


We are in the Abruzzo region, in the heart of the province of Chieti, amid those hills that drop gently down from the Maiella mountains to the Adriatic sea.
Tenuta i Fauri is not simply the brand name of a company, it is first and foremost a family, dedicated to wine production since many years, testifying to this is the vaguely ethylic nickname that has accompanied us for generations, the mark of an ancient vocation: Baldovino.
A challenge and a way of life: these are the driving forces behind my father Domenico, frank and extrovert wine producer and we children, Luigi and Valentina, who from him have inherited the passion for ”making wine”, a mysterious art to be developed and refined.
The children work with him, after they studied enology, they chose to continue the family business, that they have always heard and seen doing as youngest. Luigi deals with the wine production, with a great seriousness and Valentina deals with communication, with simplicity and power of ideas. They have given to their wines the sensibility from being pianists: it all comes back, that's the beauty, even years of solfège are useful.